Mission Statement

The mission of the Emerald Empire Sports Park Development Foundation is to develop a motor sports park in co-operation with the Emerald Empire Sports Car Club. The Foundation will provide guidance and support to create a permanent facility for the EESCC, its members, the public, and other motorsports enthusiasts in the mid-Willamette Valley. The foundation will create civic opportunities to partner with local public safety and law enforcement as well as educational institutions to use the facility for other uses. We will embrace stewardship and respect for the land.

This is the Need in Oregon

In the past, motorsports clubs like the Emerald Empire Sports Car Club (EESCC) have utilized large parking lots, old industrial sites, airports, and any other available expanses of asphalt or concrete to put on events that test the skills of drivers, one at a time against the clock. It’s called solo racing, or “Autocross”, and is very popular on a national scale. There are at least 7 such clubs in the state of Oregon holding these events.

Our problem is the diminishing amount of useable spaces where events can safely be organized and staged on a continuing basis. It is also noted that there are many public agencies that need, and use the same sites we use for their own training purposes. Police agencies, state, county, and city, need sites to train their officers in tactical driving. Some of these agencies also put on driving classes open to the public for their benefit. EESCC also incorporates these types of training experiences at certain events we host.

There will undoubtedly be many other local agencies that could benefit from having a facility like that which we are proposing in the mid-Willamette Valley. Fire departments, schools, and all types of community clubs and associations will find uses for different aspects of the facility. The Emerald Empire MotorSports Park Foundation is seeking tax-deductible donations regionwide to establish this new motorsports park.

Potential Benefits for Oregon Users

    » Solo Racing (Autocross)
    » Police, fire, first responder drivers training
    » Driver training
    » Teen driver safety training
    » Car set-up, handling, and testing sessions
    » Motorcycle training
    » Solo racing schools
    » Karting organizations
    » Partner with high school/college experimental vehicle programs

For information contact us at: eemsp.org